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Jessalyn Rogers: 'Naturally-derived peptide nanotubes: discovery to functionalization'

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Feb. 1st, 11.00 Paris time

Jessalyn Rogers, graduate student in Vince Conticello's lab, Emory University, currently hosted by Philippe Minard's lab

Title: Naturally-derived peptide nanotubes: discovery to functionalization

Abstract: The natural world is a rich source of diverse and functional peptide nanotubes which form the basis of synthetic nanotube designs. Small changes in the sequences can lead to unexpected alterations in structure at all levels, leading to great diversity as we strive toward predicting assembly structure from sequence. I will present nanotubes composed of single repeat motifs from proteins found in thermophilic microbes, and concatemers of one of these, which has been successfully decorated. I will also discuss my work mining the bacterial type 4 secretion system for structures that will inform de novo protein engineers and lead to future designs.

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